Entry Fees
2020 Beast Series fees

$70 - prior to February 1, 2020
$80 - prior to March 1, 2020
$90 - prior to June 1, 2020
$100 - prior to Sept. 1, 2020
Beast entries close on Sept. 1, 2020

The Beast Series is an annual six-race quest that will test your endurance, grit, and sanity. Each race will take you through some of the most beautiful and rugged country the Virginia Blue Ridge mountains have to offer. The six races included are: Holiday Lake 50k, Terrapin Mtn 50k, Promise Land 50k, Grindstone 100, MMTR 50, & Hellgate 100k.

Runners who complete all six races (within time limits) will receive the Beast trophy!

The entry fee for the Beast Series and/or Lynchburg Ultra Series (LUS) is NO LONGER one in the same; you must enter each individual series separately. If you wish to run the LUS and be eligible for an LUS award, enter the LUS. If you wish to run the Beast and be eligible for a Beast trophy, enter the Beast. Please keep in mind that even though the four LUS races are part of the six Beast races (and you are entered the Beast Series), if you want to be included in the LUS standings and be eligible for a LUS award, you must also enter the LUS. Otherwise, you will be considered to be entered only in the Beast Series. Lastly, entry into any individual series does not guarantee entry into any individual race and the entry fee for each series is separate from the entry fee for each individual race.

Eco-x produces three of the Series' events: Terrapin Mountain 50kGrindstone 100, and the MMTR. You can sign up for these events right here on our website.

Entry and further Information for Holiday Lake, Promise Land, & Hellgate can be found at Extreme Ultrarunning. These three events are not eco-x events.

2020 Event Information

Race Name: Details:
Holiday Lake 50k++ Appomattox, VA
February 15, 2020*
Terrapin Mountain 50k & 1/2 Marathon Sedalia, VA
March 21, 2020*
Promise Land 50k Bedford, VA
April 25, 2020*
Grindstone 100 Staunton, VA
October 2 - 4, 2020
Mountain Masochist Trail Run (MMTR) - 50 Miles Lynchburg, VA
November 7, 2020*
Hellgate 100k Fincastle, VA
December 12, 2020

* Denotes events of the Lynchburg Ultra Series.

2020 Beast Series Entrants