Make sure you register early if you are competing in the beast series
Only the Terrapin 50K qualifies as a Beast Series event.

Terrapin Information

PERMITS: This event is held in accordance with permits from the U.S. Forest Service, George Washington National Forest, Pedlar Ranger District and the National Park Serivce, Blue Ridge Parkway, Ridge District. Please respect and care for the land that this event is held on to help ensure the future of this event.

START/FINISH LOCATION: The start/finish area is at the Sedalia Center, immediately adjacent to the George Washington National Forest. The Sedalia Center property lies in a magnificent setting with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop, creating a very safe and beautiful environment for children and adults. A private and serene setting, the entrance to the Center is a paved road off Big Island Highway, Route 122, which runs North-South through Bedford County.

ENTRY FEE: You must choose which distance you are running at time of registration. NO race changes on race day. For each registered runner, this fee includes unique entrant's swag, fully-stocked aid stations, an awesome finisher's award, a post-race meal, and a special award to all qualified category finishers.

PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR A REFUND OR TRANSFER or, as my buddy Luis Escobar of Born to Run Ultra Marathons in California likes to put it:

"Finally - please remember that there will be NO refunds - NO transfers - NO exceptions. Do not ask for a refund or a transfer to another date or event - the answer is a polite, no. There will be no refunds even if your cat ate your homework or your dog ate your cat or your grandmother ran over your dog or your grandfather ran over your grandmother or you can't find a babysitter or your girlfriend is cheating on you or you are cheating on your girlfriend or you get shot in the head during an unfortunate piñata incident, of if you become injured or if you don't have time to train or if you contract poison oak, syphilis, herpes simplex, chapped lips, the heart break of psoriasis or any other communicable decease or you get bit by a lizard, you have a hangover or you got shot in the neck with a poison dart or your trailer gets destroyed by a tornado or you get deported or your daughter gets married, or any other reason - your registration will not, under any circumstances, no way, no how, ain't gonna happen, be refunded. Comprende? Don't like that idea? Don't register."


COURSE: The 50k course is a multiple loop course. The 1/2 marathon course is one loop of Terrapin Mtn. All runners start together and proceed to Camping Gap (4.1 miles); 1/2 marathon runners turn right and complete loop of Terrapin Mtn; 50k runners turn left and complete White Oak Ridge Loop. Upon returning to Camping Gap, 50k runners complete Terrapin Mtn. loop. National Geographic Map #789 (Lexington / Blue Ridge Mts.) is the best topographic map for the area.

AID STATIONS: For the 50k there will be six aid stations, plus the start/finish area. For the 1/2 marathon there will be two aid stations, plus the start/finish area. Provided at each aid station: Electrolyte Drink, soda, water and a variety of food items. It is recommended that you carry a water bottle between aid stations.

50k: Kalib Wilkinson - 3:58:50 ('12, M), Kristina Folcik- 4:52:22 ('13, W).
1/2 Marathon: Rob Cook - 1:45:35 ('11, M), Eliza O'Connell - 2:01:09 ('11, W).

ACCOMMODATIONS: At the start/finish area of the Sedalia Center there is an open field and parking area to camp. If you would like to camp the night at the center it will cost only $15.00 per person.

PRE-RACE CHECK-IN: Runners can pick up their race packet & number from 5:00 to 9:00 PM on Friday evening and from 5:30 to 6:30 AM on Saturday morning at the Sedalia center.

PRE-RACE BRIEFING: See e-packet for details. RACE BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 7:00 AM.

CREW ACCESS: For the 50k only - CREW ACCESS is allowed at the Goff Mtn. Rd. aid station ONLY – no crew access for the half-marathon. Aid stations will be fully stocked. Family & friends can relax and then cheer you in at the finish area!

CUT-OFF TIME: 9 hour time limit! The entire course for both the 50k & 1/2 marathon will be officially closed at 4:00 PM.

POST-RACE LUNCH: There will be a post-race lunch (included in entry fee) provided at the Sedalia Center from 11:00 to 2:00 PM. The cost of this lunch for non-entrants is $10.00.

AWARDS: All sub-9 hour finishers will receive a finishing award. The first 3 male and female finishers in each race will receive special awards. Also, special awards will be presented to the first place male and female juniors (under 21), masters (40-49), grand masters (50-59) and super masters (60 and over) in each race.

AWARDS CEREMONY: All awards will be presented to runners at the finish line.

Additional information will be sent to entrants by email ONLY after the application and payment have been submitted. Updates will also be posted on the main website page.

Driving Directions and Map
Google Map
1108 Sedalia School Road
Big Island, Virginia  24526

From the north side:  Travel north on Route 501 through Coleman Falls to Big Island.  Take a left on Rot 122.  Travel south for 6.3 miles.  Turn RIGHT on Route 638-Sedalia School Road. Sedalia Center is 500 yards up on the left hand side.
From the south side:  Travel west on Route 460 toward Bedford/Roanoke.  Exit onto Route 122 at Bedford.  Travel north towards Big Island for 11.5 miles.  Turn LEFT on Route 638-Sedalia School Road at the Sedalia Country Store. Sedalia Cener tis 500 yards up on the left hand side.

Travel north towards Big Island on Route 122 for 11.5 miles.  Turn LEFT on Route 638-Sedalia School Road a the Sedalia Country Store. The Center is 500 yards up the Route 638 on the left.

Travel south on Route 29 out of Charlottesville toward Lynchburg. Remain on Route 29 into Madison Heights. Turn RIGHT on on Route 130. Travel west on Rout 130 to the Blue Ridge Parkway entrance. Turn RIGHT onto the exit ramp, then left onto the Parkway. Follow the Blue Ridge Parrkway to the Big Island exit. Turn LEFT onto the exit ramp, then RIGHT onto Route 501. Follow Route 501 approximately 5 miles to Route 122. Turn right onto Route 122 and travel south approximately 6.3 miles to Sedalia School Road. Turn RIGHT onto Sedalia School Road; the Center will be 500 yards up the road on your left.

Travel east on Route 64 to Route 81. Follow 81 south to exit 188A at Buena Vista. Take exit 188A, which becomes Route 60. Follow Route 60 east into Buena Vista. Turn RIGHT onto Route 501. Travel Route 501 south, crosss the James River and then proceed into Big Island. Turn RIGHT on Route 122. Travel south on Route 122 for 6.3 miles to Sedalia School Road. Turn RIGHT on Sedalia School Road, the Center is 500 yards up on the left side.