Spring Classic Information

PERMITS: This event is held in accordance with permits from the National Park Service. Please respect and care for the land that this event is held on to help ensure the future of this event.

START/FINISH LOCATION: The start/finish area will be near beach area at Holliday Lake State Park.

ENTRY FEE: You must choose which distance you are running at time of registration. NO race changes on race day. For each registered runner, this fee includes the chance to win some great prizes, unique entrant's swag, fully-stocked aid stations, Patagonia finisher's award, a post-race meal, and a special award to all qualified category finishers.
Holliday Lake State Park charges a $5 per vehicle entry fee - that fee is included in race registration for all races - Non runners traveling in a separate vehicle will need to pay the $5 fee.  Camping is included in the Relay entry fee for all relay runners.

PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR A REFUND OR TRANSFER or, as my buddy Luis Escobar of Born to Run Ultra Marathons in California likes to put it:

"Finally - please remember that there will be NO refunds - NO transfers - NO exceptions. Do not ask for a refund or a transfer to another date or event - the answer is a polite, no. There will be no refunds even if your cat ate your homework or your dog ate your cat or your grandmother ran over your dog or your grandfather ran over your grandmother or you can't find a babysitter or your girlfriend is cheating on you or you are cheating on your girlfriend or you get shot in the head during an unfortunate piñata incident, of if you become injured or if you don't have time to train or if you contract poison oak, syphilis, herpes simplex, chapped lips, the heart break of psoriasis or any other communicable decease or you get bit by a lizard, you have a hangover or you got shot in the neck with a poison dart or your trailer gets destroyed by a tornado or you get deported or your daughter gets married, or any other reason - your registration will not, under any circumstances, no way, no how, ain't gonna happen, be refunded. Comprende? Don't like that idea? Don't register."


COURSE: Very scenic course around Holliday Lake on single track trail with rolling hills and beautiful views of the lake. Suitable for kids, casual joggers as well as experienced trail runners!  Relay course will run a 5.75 Loop around the lake.  Half participants will run the same loop twice, with an additional section to reach 13.1 miles

AID STATIONS: There will 1 Aid Station at the start/finish line that runners can access on each loop.

ACCOMMODATIONS / PARKING: The start/finish area is an open field near the beach.  Parking and camping will be available.  The State Park charges a $5 entry fee per vehicle,  this fee is included in each race participants entry fee.  Non-Runners who are in separate vehicles will need to pay the $5 fee.  All Relay Entrants will have a $15 camping fee already included in their registration.  Any Half Runners, will need to pay an additional $15 to camp.

PRE-RACE CHECK-IN:  Runners can pick up their race packet & number from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM on Friday evening at eco-x office (1035 Avalon Drive, Forest, VA) and from 7:00 to 8:30 AM on Saturday morning at Holliday Lake State Park. 6 and 12 hour solos will need to check in 30 minutes before their respective race starts.

PRE-RACE BRIEFING: There will be a SHORT pre-race briefing at the Start/Finish Area Saturday morning at 8:30 AM. RACE & RELAY BEGIN PROMPTLY AT 9:00 AM - 6 and 12 hour solo briefings will be held 30 minutes before their respective starts.

CREW ACCESS: There is no CREW ACCESS along the course for this race. Family & friends can relax and cheer you in at the finish area / beach area!

CUT-OFF TIME: Half marathon race course closes at 3PM on Saturday.  Relay time limits are 24 | 12 and 6 hour time limits! The entire course for the Relay will be officially closed at 9:00 AM, on May 17th.

POST-RACE LUNCH: There will be a post-race lunch provided at the State Park from 12:00 to 3:00 PM Saturday May 16th. The cost of this meal is $8.00 for Half Marathon runners.  Lunch is included in all Relay entries.

AWARDS: All finishers/Relay Participants that finish at least 1 loop will receive a finishing award. The first 3 male and female finishers in the ½ marathon will receive special awards. Also, special awards will be presented to the first place male and female juniors (under 21), masters (40-49), grand masters (50-59) and super masters (60 and over) for the Half Marathon.  The Top 3 Relay Race Winning Teams will win an award, as well as the top finisher for the 6,12 and 24 hour solo relays.

AWARDS CEREMONY: Finishing awards will be presented to runners at the finish line for the ½ marathon and to the relay participants at conclusion. Special awards will be presented at 12PM (1/2 marathon) and 9:30 AM on the 17th (Relay)

Additional information will be sent to entrants by email ONLY after the application and payment have been submitted. Updates will also be posted on the main website page.

Driving Directions and Map
Google Map
2759 State Park Rd.
Appomattox VA 24522