Spring Classic
1/2 Marathon and Relay

How it Works : RUN – REST – REPEAT

The  Half-Marathon is fairly straightforward, and the perfect event for both veteran and first time runners.  The race course follows the Holliday Lake loop trail and one or two side trails and offers single track goodness and beautiful lake views.  The terrain is gentle and rolling hills, suitable for kids, casual joggers and experience trail runners.

The Spring Classic Relay is broken into 2 categories – TEAM and SOLO.  Within the Solo category there are 3 Solo divisions – with a 6 hour – 12 hour and 24 hour time limit.  The name of the game is do as many laps as possible in your given time division.  Each lap is 5.75 miles, there will be a well stocked aid station at the start / finish area to resupply for each lap.

The TEAM category can be as few as 2 or as many friends as you can get together.  The 24 hour time division will start at 9AM on Saturday.  Each team will start 1 runner to run their first lap.  That runner crosses the finish line and the next runner begins their lap.  Run, Rest, Repeat.  The team with the most laps at the end wins.  The competition is friendly, the atmosphere is fun and the running is non-stop!

Come out for a fun time of trail running, friendly competition, camping, family, friends, games and a nice beach to cool off on after every lap.

If the race needs to be canceled for any reason related to COVID-19 (i.e., state or federal closures; permitting, insurance or sanctioning revocation), the race will be run virtually (on the actual course, not anywhere). In this event, specific details will be emailed to all entrants about date/time/permissions and other germane specifics for running the course. As a result, please plan accordingly. No refunds, transfers, or deferrals will be given in the case of the race moving to a virtual format.


1/2 Marathon Distance

Online registration opens January 1, 2021.
(200 Runner Limit)

Solo 6/12/24 Time Limit

Online registration opens January 1, 2021.

24 Hour Team Relay

Online registration opens January 1, 2021.


    Race details

    • Race Date

      Saturday – Sunday, April 17-18, 2021

    • Distances

      1/2 Marathon: 13.1 Miles
      6-Hour Solo
      12-Hour Solo
      24-Hour Solo
      24 Hour Team Relay

    • Entry Fee Half Marathon

      1/2 Marathon:
      $60 before March 20
      $70 before April 20
      $80 thereafter

    • Entry Fee Solo

      Solo 6 Hour
      $60 before March 20
      $80 before April 20
      $100 thereafter
      Solo 12 Hour
      $75 before March 20
      $95 before April 20
      $115 thereafter
      Solo 24 Hour
      $95 before March 20
      $115 before April 20
      $135 thereafter

    • Entry Fee 24 Hour Team Relay

      1-4 Person Team Relay:
      $90 Per Runner before March 20
      $93 before excelexcemicApril 20
      $96 thereafter
      5-10 Person Team
      $450 before March 20
      $470 before April 20
      $490 thereafter
      * Each additional runner over 10 person limit = $45/runner

    • Gain / Loss

      673 / 673 ft (1 Lap)

    • Location

      Holliday Lake State Park, Appomattox, VA

    • Start Times

      9:00 AM Saturday – 1/2 Marathon – 24 Hour Relay – 24 Hour Solo
      9:00 PM Saturday – 12 Hour Solo
      3:00 AM Sunday – 6 Hour Solo

    2021 Spring Classic Half Entrants

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