Course Description

The race begins at KOA (Wildwood) Campground (VA Rt. 130/6252 Elon Road, Monroe, VA 24574 & 15.6 miles from Rt. 29 in Madison Heights, VA).  The course proceeds around the pond and through private forest before exiting onto Pera Road (State Rt. 727). After traveling northbound on Pera Road for 1.5 miles, the course turns left onto FS 318 and through a tunnel under the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRPW).  This trail climbs up FS318 towards Peavine Gap At 5.6 miles, and continues down onto FS318B (Cashaw Creek Trail) stay on this road until you hit SR 607. Around 12.5 miles you pass under the BRPW through another tunnel.  This tunnel is between miles 54 and 55 on the BRPW.  When you get to SR 607 (good gravel road), turn left and follow to the top of the hill where the Appalachian Trail crosses the road. At this point you turn right onto FS 311 and 2.6 miles later another right onto FS 39 that leads you to the Lynchburg Reservoir.  Near the Lynchburg Reservoir, you get off FS 39 for a short distance.  At the north end of the Lynchburg Reservoir, you take FS 38, which takes you to Hwy. 60, which is a little over halfway to the finish (26.5 miles).  At Hwy. 60 you take FS 520 for the next 5.2 miles to FS 48.  On FS 48 you turn right and proceed past Hog Camp Gap to the Mount Pleasant National Scenic Area where you make a 5.3 mile loop.  At the end of this loop, you leave the parking area, turn right on a dirt road and follow around the mountain to Salt Log Gap.  At S.L.G. you take FS 1176 for one mile.  From FS 1176, you turn right onto FS 246 for approximately 3.5 miles. You turn left onto FS 1176A for about 2 miles and then you turn Right on the AT.  You make an immediate left onto the Lovingston Springs Trail (blazed blue on the trees) and follow for approx. 2 miles until where the trail makes a sharp right; you proceed straight on an old unnamed jeep road which takes you to the Montebello Fish Hatchery and Hwy. 56.  At Hwy. 56, you cross the road onto Camp Blue Ridge property and follow the trail across the bridge to the finish.

Elevation Profile