Masochist Information

PERMITS: This event is held in accordance with permits from the U.S. Forest Service, George Washington National Forest, Pedlar Ranger District as well as some Private Land. Please respect and care for the land that this event is held on to help ensure the future of this event.

START/FINISH LOCATION: The MMTR 50K is an out and back race.
Starting and finishing at the Montebello Country Store.

For each registered runner, your entry fee includes eligibility for numerous draw prizes, aid stations, discounted pre-race dinner, discounted post-race awards dinner, race shirt, finisher's awards, and a special award to all qualified category finishers.

THERE WILL BE NO REFUND OR TRANSFER OF ENTRY FEES. PLEASE DO NOT ASK FOR A REFUND OR TRANSFER or, as my buddy Luis Escobar of Born to Run Ultra Marathons in California likes to put it: "Finally - please remember that there will be NO refunds - NO transfers - NO exceptions. Do not ask for a refund or a transfer to another date or event - the answer is a polite, no. There will be no refunds even if your cat ate your homework or your dog ate your cat or your grandmother ran over your dog or your grandfather ran over your grandmother or you can't find a babysitter or your girlfriend is cheating on you or you are cheating on your girlfriend or you get shot in the head during an unfortunate piñata incident, of if you become injured or if you don't have time to train or if you contract poison oak, syphilis, herpes simplex, chapped lips, the heart break of psoriasis or any other communicable decease or you get bit by a lizard, you have a hangover or you got shot in the neck with a poison dart or your trailer gets destroyed by a tornado or you get deported or your daughter gets married, or any other reason - your registration will not, under any circumstances, no way, no how, ain't gonna happen, be refunded. Comprende? Don't like that idea? Don't register."


Entrant Scholarships: A limited amount of entrant scholarships are available to those who express a financial constraint to entering the MMTR. For example, this is intended for full-time students and/or those who (because of financial constraints) would otherwise not be able to enter. You must email me to inquire eligibility. Please do not abuse this policy or attempt to provide false information. Verification may be required.

COURSE: Beginning at the Montebello Campground, runners proceed backwards on the historic MMTR course utilizing old dirt & logging roads as well as several miles of beautiful single track trail.  Runners will travel backwards to the Mount Pleasant Loop - run the loop and return. The MMTR 50K course traverses some of the most beautiful areas in the Blue Ridge right around peak fall foliage.

National Geographic Map #789 (Lexington / Blue Ridge Mts.) is the best topographic map for the area.

AID STATIONS: Eight (8) fully-stocked aid stations are at 1 to 7 mile intervals throughout the race. IT IS NOT NECESSARY TO BRING A CREW!  Runners are responsible for reclaiming their own bag(s) during and/or after the event. eco-x is not responsible for lost or damaged drop bags or the contents therein.

CUT-OFF TIME: 12 hour time limit! The entire course will be officially closed at 12-hrs. (If you are over the time limit, you must stop).

Both Pre and Post Race events will be held in Montebello this year, camping and cabins are both available for rent at the Montebllo Campground - please contact them to reserve your rooms or spots. Eco-X will not be taking reservations.


You MUST CHECK-IN at the START LINE to be an official entrant.

Due to Covid-19 protocols, any dinner options will be boxed meals provided to runners who purchased a meal.

Due to Covid-19 protocols. Pre-race briefing information will be emailed out prior to the race date.

Due to Covid-19 protocols, any dinner options will be boxed meals provided to runners who purchased a meal.

AWARDS: All sub-12 hour finishers will receive a special finisher's award. The overall male and female winners will receive the Mountain Masochist Trophy. Also, special awards will be presented to the first place male and female masters (40-49), grand masters (50-59) and super masters (60 and over).
** Please note that Race Registrations after September 15 may not be guaranteed a finisher award.**

AWARDS CEREMONY: Finishing awards will be presented to runners at the finish line.  NO AWARDS WILL BE MAILED.


To the race start:

Additional information will be sent to entrants by email ONLY after the application and payment have been submitted.