Course Description

The race begins at Camp Montebello (15072 Crabtree Falls Hwy. Montebello, VA 24464). The course proceeds South on Hwy 56 for ½ mile, turns right onto Fish Hatchery Ln. The course follows Fish Hatchery Ln over to Spy Rock Rd and follows Spy Rock Rd for ½ mile and switches onto the old jeep road past the forest gate up to Porters Ridge. From Porters Ridge the course turns right and follows the blue blaze 731 Lovingston Spring Trail for approx. 4 miles to FS 1176. Course follows FS 1176 for 1.5 miles to Salt Log Gap. From SLG course continues on 1176 for 3 miles to Mt. Pleasant National Scenic Area, runners complete the 5.3 mile loop. At the end of this loop, course leaves the parking area, turns right on dirt road FS 1176 and follows around the mountain 3 miles to Salt Log Gap. At S.L.G. you take FS 1176 for one mile. From FS 1176, you turn right onto FS 246 for approximately 4.2 miles. You turn left onto FS 1176A for about 2 miles and then you turn right on the AT. You make an immediate left onto the Lovingston Springs Trail (blazed blue on the trees) and follow for approx. 2 miles until the trail makes a sharp right; you proceed straight on an old unnamed jeep road which takes you to the Montebello Fish Hatchery and Hwy. 56. At Hwy. 56, you cross the road onto Camp Blue Ridge property and follow the trail across the bridge to the finish.

Elevation Profile