Grindstone Information

PERMITS: This event is held in accordance with a permit from the U.S. Forest Service, George Washington National Forest, North River Ranger District. Please respect and care for the land that this event is held on to help ensure the future of this race.

START/FINISH LOCATION: The start/finish area is at Camp Shenandoah, a Boy Scouts of America camp. The camp is located immediately adjacent to the Little North Mtn Wildlife Management area (Va. Dept. of Wildlife Resources) and in the ominous shadow of Elliott Knob, located in the George Washington National Forest. The camp property lies in a magnificent setting with the Blue Ridge Mountains as a backdrop, a small lake with campfire amphitheatre, and a large rustic dining hall, creating a hospitable and beautiful atmosphere for this event. A feeling a solitude pervades the camp area yet it is only 15 miles west of Staunton, Virginia and Interstate 81. National Geographic Map #791 (Staunton / Shenandoah Mtn) is the best topographic map for the area and the entire race course. You can purchase Nat Geo Map#791 here.

ENTRY FEE: $250 before Jan. 1, $300 before May 1, $350 before July 1, $375 thereafter. For each registered runner, this fee includes eligibility for numerous door prizes, a drop bag service, aid stations, pre-race lunch, post-race awards breakfast, race shirt, finisher's awards, and a special award to all qualified category finishers. 50% of entry fee (minus processing fee) is refundable before September 1. THERE WILL BE NO TRANSFER OR DEFERRAL OF ENTRY FEES & AFTER SEPTEMBER 1, NO REFUNDS. Refunds must be requested in writing (via email) by Sept. 1 in order to receive a 50% refund of the entry fee.

Post Sept. 1 as my buddy Luis Escobar of Born to Run Ultra Marathons in California likes to put it:

"Finally - please remember that there will be NO refunds - NO transfers - NO exceptions. Do not ask for a refund or a transfer to another date or event - the answer is a polite, no. There will be no refunds even if your cat ate your homework or your dog ate your cat or your grandmother ran over your dog or your grandfather ran over your grandmother or you can't find a babysitter or your girlfriend is cheating on you or you are cheating on your girlfriend or you get shot in the head during an unfortunate piñata incident, of if you become injured or if you don't have time to train or if you contract poison oak, syphilis, herpes simplex, chapped lips, the heart break of psoriasis or any other communicable decease or you get bit by a lizard, you have a hangover or you got shot in the neck with a poison dart or your trailer gets destroyed by a tornado or you get deported or your daughter gets married, or any other reason - your registration will not, under any circumstances, no way, no how, ain't gonna happen, be refunded. Comprende? Don't like that idea? Don't register."


ENTRY REQUIREMENTS: (Note: Due to COVID-19 & numerous event cancellations, we are considering the race requirement on a case-by-case basis. However, there is no waiver or rollover of the 8-hr requirement.) There are two (2) entry requirements for Grindstone that must be completed in the same calendar year of race application and submitted via self-certification by clicking here. The requirements are #1) a live link to race results showing the applicant has successfully completed a 50 mile race or longer (within time limits and within 2-years of the current Grindstone race date), and #2) a self-certified report indicating the applicant has completed eight (8) hours of trail work or race volunteer work during the current calendar year. Please volunteer locally for trail work if possible. Acceptable race work can be working aid stations, marking courses, race directing, etc. Not completing the self-certification or submitting after September 1 will result in revoking your entry to the event.

COURSE: Beginning at Camp Shenandoah, this out-n-back course ascends and descends Little North Mtn before climbing over 2400ft in 4 miles to the summit of Elliot Knob. The course then proceeds north following the ridgeline of Great North Mtn crossing over to and following the Wild Oak National Recreation Trail before continuing north to the summit of Reddish Knob. Runners continue north to Briery Branch Gap before retracing their steps (without summiting Elliott & Reddish) back along the course to the finish at Camp Shenandoah.

Virginia DWR PERMIT: Grindstone 100 course crosses a Va. Wildlife Management Area which requires each runner (and your pacer, if applicable) to have in their possession a current Hunting/Fishing license or Access Permit.  For information on how to obtain one of those please click here.

AID STATIONS: There will be 15 aid stations (subject to change) with variegate segment distances due to the remoteness of some parts of the course. Drop bags will be available at six (6) aid stations. Runners are responsible for reclaiming their own drop bag(s) during and/or after the event. eco-x is not responsible for lost or damaged drop bags or the contents therein.

CREWS & PACERS: Due to access difficulty for some aid stations there will be crew access ONLY at six (6) aid stations. Pacers are allowed (one at a time) for all runners beginning from Briery Branch Gap (outbound mile 51.5) to the finish. If you do not pick-up a pacer at Briery Branch you can only do so at subsequent aid stations where crews are allowed. Please keep in mind MULING will not be tolerated.

CUT-OFF TIME:38 hour time limit! The entire course will be officially closed at 8:00 AM on Sunday. Aid station cut-off times will include a 10-minute flex before North River Gap (return trip). Including North River Gap and after all aid stations cut-off times will be strictly enforced.

COURSE RECORDS: Women's - Shannon Howell, 22:22:38 (2018); Men's - Karl Meltzer, 17:13:04 (2012)

ACCOMMODATIONS: At the start/finish area of Camp Shenandoah there is an open field and parking area to camp. There are also tent platforms to use and costs are included in your entry fee. There are shower facilities for both men & women at the camp; please only use the showers designated for runners. The closest hotels are around Staunton.

PRE-RACE CHECK-IN: Runners can pick up their race packet & number from 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM on Friday in the Dining Hall. Runners may need to submit to a medical assessment at time of check-in.

PRE-RACE LUNCH: There will be a light lunch served at 11:30am to 1:00pm in the dining hall.

PRE-RACE BRIEFING: SUBJECT TO CHANGE: There will be a MANDATORY pre-race briefing at 2:00 PM for all runners. Crew members are encouraged to attend. RACE BEGINS PROMPTLY AT 6:00 PM.

POST-RACE BREAKFAST: There will be a post-race breakfast (included in entry fee) in the Dining Hall beginning at 8:30 AM. The cost of this breakfast for non-entrants is $TBD.

AWARDS: All sub-38 hour finishers will receive a Grindstone 100 Belt Buckle and finisher's award. The overall male and female winners will receive the Grindstone Champion's Trophy. The top 5 male and female finishers will receive special awards. Also, special awards will be presented to the first place male and female masters (40-49), grand masters (50-59), super masters (60 and over) and Best Blood.

AWARDS CEREMONY: Finisher buckles & all top finisher awards will be presented to runners at the finish line.


TRAVEL DIRECTIONS: Driving directions to Camp Shenandoah can be found by clicking here.

* Additional information will be sent to entrants by email ONLY after the application and payment have been submitted. Updates will also be posted on the main website page or social media.